Sunday, February 15, 2015

State AMSTA Contest

On Feb 11th we hosted the state Ag Machinery Service Technician Contest at Calmar. We had a written test , measuring, parts ID and five lab stations for the 32 contestants from four schools to demonstrate their abilities. At the end of the day we had the top four teams  and everyone that competed from NICC placed in the top ten individually. The top two teams from NICC will compete in the national contest at Boise, Idaho over spring break. Here are a few pictures.

Jed and Luke were our 1st place team. Jed was the 2nd high individual and Luke was 3rd individual.

Caleb and Mitch were the 2nd place team.Caleb was 1st individual and Mitch was 7th individual.

James and Mitch were our 3rd place team. James was 4th individual and Mitch was 5th individual.

Curtis and Jason were our 4th place team. Curtis was 5th individual and Jason was 9th individual.
Good job men! 
John Deere Tech!

Consumer Products/Engines

We started playing with engines on a small scale. This class is the preliminary engine class and we work on fundamentals with single cylinder gas engines to four cylinder diesel engines. We have had some carburetor, governor, electrical and timing experiences that we won't soon forget.







John Deere Tech!

Friday, February 13, 2015

John Deere Information Technology

The sophomores came back from OJT and we put them to work on computers. We spent a few weeks learning about PmPro and Service ADVISOR. All 36 of the sophomores are now certified in Service ADVISOR. The last week of class we worked on demonstration and presentations.

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Semester is Going FAST!

We have completed Fundamentals and Safety, Implements and Electric I with the freshman while the sophomores were doing On-The-Job Training II for 3 months. We are now doing Combine class with the freshman and Information Technology (JDIT) with the sophomores. The parking lots are a little full with the 70 students we have on campus but we will make it happen. There are 2 combines from Decorah Implement, our 9880i and several components for the combine class. We have 17 new computers and several new tractors for JDIT class and I'm sure they are already tried of me talking about computers already. Here are some pictures.

John Deere Tech

Monday, September 1, 2014

Fundamentals and Safety 2014

We got 36 students for the Class of 2016 off to a good start. They endured a couple days of orientation and we have been working with Service ADVISOR, metric conversions and tools. In the shop we have started moving wheels, checking out new tractors and disassembling combines. Here are a few pictures.

JD Tech