Monday, March 19, 2018

National PAS Competition

March 13-16th NICC John Deere Tech participated in the National PAS Ag Machinery Service Technician Award program at the National PAS Convention.Riley Miller, Drayce Webster, Michael Starling, Derek Mann, Mackenzie Miller and Alex Schultz qualified at state competition and made the trip to Louisville, Kentucky with Rodney Necker to compete in a full day of testing.
Riley Miller and Drayce Webster 2nd place team.
Michael Starling and Derek Mann 3rd place team
Mackenze Miller and Alex Schultz 6th place team
Individual Placing
Riley Miller 3rd
Drayce Webster 4th
Michael Starling 6th
Derek Mann 10th
Great Job!!

Drayce And Riley

Michael and Derek

Alex and Mackenzie

John Deere Tech!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

State PAS AMSTA Competition

We traveled to Iowa Lakes to compete in the 2018 Iowa Ag Machinery Service Technician Award Competition. The competition included a written test, measuring, parts ID and several lab projects. Eight students from John Deere Tech competed and did a great job. We will be off to National competition in March. Great Job!!

Alex Schultz and Mackenzie Miller 1st Place

Riley Miller and Drayce Webster 3rd Place

John Deere Tech!

John Deere Information Technology

We welcomed the sophomores back for the dealerships in November for John Deere Information Technology Class. This year we merged more emissions training with Service ADVISOR Certification because the are so closely tied together. We had the computers running for everything that we did from live connections, diagnostics, parts lookup, controller software updates, emissions testing and sales presentations.

Not everyone shares my enthusiasm!

John Deere Tech!!

Electrical/Electronics I

We introduced the freshman to their Fluke meter and had several opportunities to put it to use. Electrical/Electronics class introduces the students to components, electrical theory, circuits and testing. We still may be looking for that voltage that we dropped!

John Deere Tech!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Implement Class 2017

Time is flying by! We have just completed the second class with the students that started in August. We had some fun at Fall Fest and then we learned about sprayers, balers, planters and AutoTrac. Here are some pictures.

John Deere Tech!!