Sunday, June 17, 2018

100 Years of Tractors

This year John Deere celebrated 100 years of  John Deere tractors. We had 3 items that made the trip to Waterloo for the event.

So it is a prototype 4430. It has a 404T with a Stanadyne pump. Maybe a 4320 engine?? It has an 8-speed powershift. It does not have a door by the brake pedals just a window that doesn't open. The window seals are a little funny but other than that it is pretty normal. It was used to tow tractors around the factory that is why it is painted yellow. So here is your 4320 powershift from the factory it just has some 30 series sheet metal on it. It has 165hp on the dyno. The rear wheels have been moved so many times that the castings are worn from the bolt heads and the SCV's have been on and off it 500 plus times.

The 531 cut-away engine is for a 5010 or 5020. They picked that up a couple months ago and gave it a nice upgrade. It got a new skirt and cover, reinforced frame and a lot of polish. It has a push button switch on it to make it run.

This 4440 is a prototype 4450. It is a 15-speed powershift and MFWD. Many of the castings have numbers that start an "X" for experimental. It is pretty close to a 50 series but it does have some pieces that are not normal. This one has a lot of test hours on it.

John Deere Tech!!

Graduation 2018

Congratulations to the Class of 2018!

John Deere Tech!!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jacob and Jacob 8.1L HPCR

Jacob and Jacob rebuilt an 8.1L HPCR engine and constructed a wiring harness to get it running. They had an opportunity to put some diagnostic skills to use to find a failing injector.

John Deere Tech!

Riley 8.1L HPCR

Riley rebuilt a 8.1L HPCR engine by himself. He built a wiring harness and made it look easy. I think the muffler gives it a special touch!

John Deere Tech!

Nolan 4.5L

Nolan worked on a 4045 engine by himself. This has a manual fuel system so that offers different challenges. We had him build a harness with a relay and a key switch to get it running.

John Deere Tech