Friday, January 1, 2016

John Deere Information Technology

We got the sophomores back from OJT just in time for one class to finish out the semester. We spent several days researching information on the computers and practicing it in the lab. A guest speaker from DTAC presented to us for a day (Thanks Eric). The students all took the John Deere Service ADVISOR certification and they are all now certified! The last day of class the students all gave presentations on new John Deere equipment. Maybe we will give the computers a little rest after break.


John Deere Tech

Implement Class

The Implement class has been undergoing changes lately. This year Matt and Rodney added some sprayer information to the class and a sprayer nozzle demonstration unit. We got a planter again from Decorah Implement again this year to play with. We still had time to discuss belts, chains, bearings and seals. There were lab projects involving planter meter testing, baler knotters, round baler monitors and universal joints.

John Deere Tech

Electric/Electronics I

Electric 1 Class always seems to be the hardest class of the first semester. Topics from Ohm's law to voltage drops and schematics to batteries always seems to provide a challenge. I know the schematic reading abilities have improved and the Fluke meters have been out of the plastic.

The biggest truck to test batteries on wins!!

Electrical safety!
If you look close the wire is even red.

John Deere Tech

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fundamentals and Safety

The first day of class again this year I had all the new students line up in front of the new toys for a picture.  I am guessing they were not very impressed with getting their picture taken on the first day but for many this will be the first picture they have with their new best friend.

We have learned many things in the first 20 days! Here area few examples.

How do I get a new tractor ready for delivery?

What is inside an old combine?

How do I drive a forklift?

How do I measure things?

We also learned who likes cupcakes, who likes to buy donuts, a use for Loctite and what time the UPS guy comes.

We are off to a good start! 

John Deere Tech