Friday, April 14, 2017

Russell 4045

Russell had the green 4045 this year. This is a sweet running little engine.

John Deere Tech!!!

Hunter and James Silver Bullet

Hunter and James had the "Silver Bullet" 10.5L this year. We put this engine under the new jib hoist as well. They worked with the neighboring  crew on the 12.5L to verify the wiring harness and ran their engine with it as well. The water pump decided it was done this year as well. Everyone loves a big chrome pipe!!

John Deere Tech!!!

Ethan and Amy 8.1L

Goldilocks lives again! Amy and Ethan had this 8.1L electronically controlled  inline engine. Every year it gets a little cleaner. They had a little injector issue but in the end it ran very well.

John Deere Tech!!

Levi and Dakota 13.5L

This was the year that we decided that we would do the 13.5L engine that we have had for a few years. It had a rod and crank issue and some problems with the timing gears. Dakota and Levi took on this challenge knowing that the mechanical issues would be the easy part. They started working on the electronics in February by starting with a controller and then building a CAN bus system. The electrical project involved mornings before class and any other free time. It has developed into a hybrid system with combine controllers, a 9L fuel pump and various other used and new parts. In am expecting RPM as soon as we figure out what a matrix has to do with the engine speed.

Spare parts!!

John Deere Tech!!

Sam and Josh 8.1L HPCR

Sam and Josh had a 8.1L HPCR engine and they also took on the challenge to build a wiring harness. This is the other half of the not so pretty but it works team. If they had a little more time it would have looked as well as it worked. They had a little injector issue that got them some diagnostic time.

John Deere Tech!!!